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Some New Things…

June 28, 2016

Since the blog has been experiencing some radio silence lately, I figured I might update you with what’s going on in Ashley land, and what to expect in the future (read: it’s a lot).

Cover Art Tutorial

After all the interest I received from my previous cover art tutorial for REUTS Publications, I’m excited to revive it and offer a new cover art tutorial based on a dear friend’s manuscript. You can expect weekly (or bi-weekly, let’s be real… my summer is p-a-c-k-e-d) posts, from start to finish documenting how a cover design goes from an idea to an advertisement on a Barnes and Noble bookshelf. I’m super excited, so don’t forget to sign up for my mailing list (form below in the footer) to follow along!

From Dill to Dracula

Did I mention I’m busy? From Dill to Dracula is the source for a lot of my daily efforts. Honestly, it started as a joke. I tweeted about how Romanian recipes tend to be unhealthy, and how I should try to create a cookbook of interpreting Romanian recipes with a healthy twist. Playing off this joke-of-a-concept, I tweeted the hypothetical name of my cookbook:

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 7.31.14 PM

And then… I fell in love.

I secured the domain name and got to work. From Dill to Dracula has transformed a bit. I dub it A Romanian Food and Folklore Blog where I’m planning on sharing both my family’s Romanian recipes, as well as different cultural tidbits you might not be aware of. There’s already a recipe posted, with a few in queue awaiting release. For the first few months, I’m going to try and be ambitious, posting every week. Then, once there are enough posts in the blog, I’ll be cutting that down to every other week.

If you’re interested in following along, please be sure to sign up for my mailing list. It’s different from the one I use for Eventide & Barley, so you’ll need to make sure you’re signed up for both 😉

A New Writing Project

That’s right. I started writing another book. Except, this time, I already have 15k words written, and (almost) a full plot ready for execution! I can’t explain much about said book, other than the tentative title’s acronym ends up being OTSaON. Any ideas? It’s my first true attempt at Young Adult. Not New Adult. Not Adult. Straight-up Young Adult. And, you know how I feel about Happily Ever Afters, but I’m happy to say OTSaON features a happily ever after… for most everyone 😉

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A Writer’s Google Search: Coffee Table Book

July 13, 2015

I’ve had this idea swirling around in my head for quite some time now and I think it’s time to try and make it happen. I’m talking about the A Writer’s Google Search coffee table book I’ve been dying to create. Let me better explain:

The A Writer’s Google Search book a compilation of different and wacky Google searches authors make while writing their stories (e.g. “How to make bombs with soap” I’m sure you know who would have Googled this 😉 . The more outrageous and NSA-prone the tweet, the better. Seriously. The book itself would be visually appealing (think: something you’d see in Urban Outfitters, with lots of color/design and only a bit of copy on each page).

I just have one problem: I need collaborators. I want this to be a collaborative effort with suggestions from readers and writers in the community to help me determine the best, wackiest, or funniest searches to include. Will you help me out? Using the hashtag #AWKgoogle, start posting some of your own crazy Google searches, or come up with one you think your favorite author would have shared (Like my Fight Club reference above). Make it a game by leaving the author’s name out of the Twitter and let people guess who may have Googled that.

OR use this nifty form to submit your Google search:


(If you’re submitting for your favorite author make sure you tag the search with their name!)

If one of your suggestions is chosen for the book I’ll include your Twitter handle or name — and once it does go to print those who have participated will receive a coupon discount for the finished product (I’ll be printing it through Blurb).

Any author out there knows some of their searches could end them either in the looney bin or prison, it’s just the nature of our business. So, what’s your favorite Google search?


Tweet About This:

  • Help author @amruggs collect all the odd, terrifying & hilarious search terms a writer uses #amwriting #amresearching
  • #Amwriting authors: Share your freaky search terms for new collab project by @amruggs


(There’s no deadline to participation. Once I get enough [read: A LOT] of search options I’ll begin designing the book. Until then, lemme have ’em :) I’ll be posting my own, as well, so you can follow the #AWKgoogle tag to see what I come up with.)