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ICYMI Edition #013116

February 1, 2016


It’s been a slow week, because, well… other things happened. Nevertheless, here’s what you missed on the video game blogs!

That VideoGame Blog // REVIEW / Oxenfree (PC)
If Supermassive Games’ Until Dawn, Thatgamecompany’s Journey and Christopher Smith’s mind-bending psychological horror flick Triangle had a love child, it would be Night School Studio’s recently released Oxenfree.
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ICYMI Edition #012416

January 24, 2016


I’m making sure this one gets out on time this week. If you’re just now following along, on top of all the work I do reading and writing for REUTS Publications, offering freelance book production services at Cardboard Monet, or just working on my own work in progress pieces as an author, I’m also a video game blogger (it’s true, we exist) for two exciting sites feature below. Each week I’m wrangling together the articles posted within that week, so you can enjoy them if you missed them.


That VideoGame Blog // WAR DRAGONS: All Things Burn released today!
It is, after all, Appreciate a Dragon Day, and mobile game pioneer, Pocket Gems, knows just how to celebrate: by transforming their PvP mobile game War Dragons (Android, iOS) into a full-fledge novel.
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That VideoGame Blog // REVIEW Crashlands (PC/Mobile)

I picked up Crashlands, from developer Butterscotch Shenanigans, for two reasons: cool, comic book feel, and the prospect of crafting a “stem cell baby” as teased in the trailer.

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ICYMI: Debut Blogging in Full Force

January 18, 2016

**I meant to do this on Sunday, but then Far Cry 4 happened, which I thought was both understandable and fitting 😉**

A new addition to my blog will be the weekly round up in the form of In Case You Missed It (ICYMI). Since I’ll be blogging on two sites outside of Eventide & Barley, I want to be sure you can still find my articles and follow along with all my bloggy happenings.


A gamer’s dream come true: the hottest new video games for a fraction of the price.
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That VideoGame Blog // Review / Until Dawn (PS4)
B-movie horror? Check. Choose your own adventure? Check. PlayStation exclusive? Check.
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That VideoGame Blog // Two decades of Pokémon: have you caught ’em all?
Happy birthday Pokémon! Or should we say happy early birthday.
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That VideoGame Blog // Create your own Yarny from EA’s Unravel
Be careful not to unravel yourself. Though you it might accidentally happen when Unravel is released.
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That Whole Blogging Thing

January 12, 2016

Last week I posted about my resolutions for 2016; some lofty, others more reasonably attainable. You’ll notice point number two under short-term goals was:

-Blog more, both in a personal and professional setting. And I have some exciting things brewing on the horizon which might help me achieve this resolution.

Well, guess what? I can finally announce some of those “exciting things brewing on the horizon.” Within the last week I have been accepted for not one, but two blogging positions with some video game blogs. Eeeee! That’s right, not only will I fulfill my very first resolution for 2016, but it’ll also help me write more, and I’ll have an excuse to pursue one of my favorite hobbies: video games. So, while I’ll focus on writing/design/me in this blog, you’ll be seeing posts from me at BitCultures and That VideoGame Blog in the very near future.

While I’m working on my first articles for these two blogs, I could use some (wo)manpower to help think up some new blog posts ideas. At the start, I’ll be working on reviewing some classic titles (meaning I get to dive back into some of my favorite childhood games), as well as showcasing what I think is the worst video game in video game history (it’s not E.T. for Atari). Have a neat-o burrito idea that I can write about / research in the video game industry? Leave it for me in the comments!

Stick with me, because things are about to get crazy. And you can follow my antics on the PlayStation Network by adding me as a friend! The name’s “supersmaaashley.” Do it, to it.