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What The Stock? Edition 41116

April 11, 2016

I’m bringing it back! I had to. Some of the stock images I found while perusing for book covers were just too good (or too bad) to pass up. So, I hope you enjoy the revived What The Stock:



There are so many things going on here. Cupid? Check. Cheesy Wedding Singer? Check. Gun? Absolutely. Overacted feud? You betcha. I . . . I have so many words, and so few at the same time. What sort of company or advertisement would require such an image? Maybe a twisted anti-Valentine’s Day / anti-Wedding Singer ad? I mean, you’re pretty limited by that pink background, so I’m definitely thinking this has ties to Valentine’s Day. But, in the end, I guess we’ll never know.


*Chuckle Snort*
Enough said.



I typically wouldn’t have a problem with something like this, but the lack of head really limits the use of this picture. I hate when photographers auto-crop stock for you. If someone really needed a head-less, par-nude man, you can keep the head on and let the designer crop it themselves.


I have very few words for this one other than: punk, meaty, contemplative woman.


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