What To Do When You Find Yourself in an Unexpected HEA?

April 9, 2016

That’s the predicament I found myself in this morning. After altering a small stylistic element to my story, I gained a small bout of inspiration¬†and continued writing an out-of-the-blue scene. A little background: I define my story as a literary/scientific take on vampires, with only hints of romance, so that’s definitely not the focus. Yes, there’s sexual tension, and yes, there’s the beginnings of what could be a romantic relationship, but I never truly dive into it. At least not in this book. Or so I thought.

That’s where my predicament comes into play.

As I was writing, I stumbled upon what might be a Happily Ever After ending to my story, something I never anticipated. I’m not a Happily Ever After kinda gal. I prefer more of the realistic take, that HEAs happen, but might not be as common as you think. And I clearly define vampires as being solo creatures, where it’s rare that they actually pair off. Que predicament.

That’s the purpose of this blog post (besides rambling like crazy). I’m hoping to reach out to authors and editor friends, alike, to get an opinion. If a story doesn’t have a lot of super sweet romantic moments in it, is it out of place to add one in at the end? Or is the contrast refreshing, and a good change of pace? On the reverse side, is it okay to have a seemingly HEA now, only to completely (maybe) destroy it in book two?

Ah, the predicament.

As a reader, do you prefer HEAs? Are you okay with faux/temporary HEAs? Lemme know! I could sure use a new perspective :)


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